I strive to make a positive impact wherever I go, and this mentality has allowed me to get involved in many of my communities.


At USC, I spend most of my out-of-classroom time leading the premier entrepreneurship organization, Spark SC. I also cannot forget about my meaningful experience at St. Andrew's School, where I laid a strong foundation for leadership, commitment, and innovation.


The go-to student-run entrepreneurship ecosystem at USC dedicated to building communities, unlocking opportunities, and expanding social impact for current and budding entrepreneurs.


Spark Accelerator Co-Founder

Communications & Marketing Team Lead

May 2020 — Present

Dec 2019 — Present

May 2019 — Dec 2019

My passion for entrepreneurship not only lies in my own entrepreneurial pursuits but also in inspiring and supporting others in this field. In Spark SC, I use my passion and experience in entrepreneurship to cultivate the innovators' community at USC. With more than 10 initiatives all run by our members, our impact is felt throughout the college campus and even extends to high schools nearby. 

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 St. Andrew's School 2018 Awards Night Speech on Community Service